About the Community

The Meghalaya Developers & Graphic Designers Community is a non-profit group of young IT enthusiasts trying to bring technology-driven innovation and an entrepreneurial ecosystem for the betterment of our state. We want to nurture, motivate and encourage young people with Computer Science and Information Technology backgrounds to work together by sharing knowledge and ideas.

We are an open community for developers, UI/UX designers, tech enthusiasts and anyone interested in technology.


Our Goals

To encourage and promote open source development, to bring developers, designers and other people together to interact and share their knowledge, ideas and interests. 

Organise meetups and webinars, both online and offline.

To provide a network where young people can connect and interact with each other, get updated with the latest news and updates in the computer science field, find potential work opportunities and discover the best tools and practices.

To impart computer knowledge, provide training and promote local entrepreneurs.

To encourage the youth to be innovative and come up with solutions that can benefit the state as a whole.