Dev.Connect 2022

The first Developers & Graphics Designers Meetup. Dev.Connect is the name of our offline meet-up event. 

An event where developers, UI/UX designers, students, teachers, hardware enthusiasts and people interested in technology can come together and connect, to share their ideas, hobbies and interests. To provide a platform for anyone to showcase side-projects, creations and knowledge. 

Statistics on Participants:
Registered Participants: 106
Participants Attended: 86
Attendance Percentage: 82.69%

Participants by Category:
Developers: 70%
Graphics Designers: 18%
Teachers/Students: 10%
Others: 2%

  1. Technical Talk

Technical Talk of 20 minutes on Information Technology/Computer Science topic related to, followed by a Q & A session. 

  1. Showcase Session

A platform for participants to showcase their side-projects, digital creations and interests. The Registration link is available on our website. Participants who wish to display their application, digital art or any other item can do so during this session. Each participant will get 5 minutes to showcase their item.

Why have this event?
To provide developers and designers with a place to be social, to interact and talk about any topic.
  • To create an active community
  • It’s not just about a single person. It’s about coming together, sharing your experience, your visions and more
  • To promote open source development
  • To showcase apps, graphics designs, or ideas that are developed locally in the state
  • To encourage young people to venture and create startups later
  • To organise any other smaller events

Technical Talks

  1. Contribution to Open Source
    Presenter: Tremi Dkhar, Developer, AbodeOrigin
    – What is Open Source?
    – Why Contribute to Open Source?
    – Different forms of contribution to Open Source.

  2. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
    Presenter: S Baitlangki Rapsang, Developer, DeFi 
    What is blockchain ? How did it come to existence?
    – What’s the use and the future of blockchain?
    – Crypto currency and the existence of Bitcoin on a blockchain.

  3. Encouraging our youths to start GDSC in Shillong
    Presenter: Chimmon Pakma, Developer, Google Developers

    Google DSC is a student-run non profit organisation that falls under Google in which college students come together to form a community and host various events throughout the year. This initiative has started everywhere in India except the North East, Chimmon’s goal is to bring this initiative into the north east not just by letting people know about GDSC but also telling them about the benefits of starting the same.

  4. Animating through Code
    Presenter: Ynaiborlang Nongkynrih, Developer, Sonicbolt Technologies

    How simple animations can bring life to your design.