Awareness on Internet Safety

We are living in a generation where everything is online, and we are hooked to our screens and just like in real life, there are both good and bad things happening in the online world.

So in order to keep ourselves equip to face and surf the internet properly we need to know about how to keep ourselves safe while we work, play or socialise online.

Our Webpage focuses on Internet Safety in the following category:
1. Web Browsing 
2. Social Media 
3. Using your Mobile Phones
4. Using your Email
5. Creating your Account Passwords

Web Browsing
Stay safe while being online on the Internet

Do check the website link address before pressing on them.Don’t click on unknown website links.
Do check the facts from reliable sources for the information.Don’t trust all information found on the internet.

Social Media

Stay safe while being online on Social Media

Do accept friend requests from people you know in real life. Be on your guard if you accept a stranger’s request.Don’t agree to meet with anyone in person, if you are friends in social media only.
Do use the internet for good, to learn, and share wiselyDon’t share or post anything that is not true online on social media.
Stay Private on Social Media, Stalkers do exist online.  Private Account in Instagram, Share posts with friends only on facebook
Don’t post private and personal information in social media.
Do be kind to others, and know that what you comment or post mattersDon’t be rude online, Never send anything you wouldn’t say in real life.

Using your Mobile Phones

Stay safe while using your Mobile Phone

You can block unknown numbers if you think they can be potential spamsDo not accept calls from unknown numbers
Do install apps from the Official Store Google Play or Apple App store.Do not install apps outside the official app store, they may contain viruses or harm your device
Do lock your mobile phone when not in use.Don’t leave mobile unattended.
If people ask for personal information, never give them, unless you know them.Don’t give Personal
information to unknown 
people via phone call or sms 
or messages.

Using your Email

Stay safe while using your Email

Do check the sender’s email address in all your emails.Don’t download/open any attachment you receive in your email if it’s not from someone you know
Before responding to emails, texts, or messages from strangers, find out more about them.Don’t respond to emails, texts, or messages from strangers.

Creating your Account Passwords

Stay safe while creating your Account Passwords

Do use a complex password, which has small and capital letters, numbers, and special characters.Don’t use a simple password for any of the online services you use, and do not use the same password everywhere.
Do create different passwords for different accounts.Don’t use the words from dictionary as passwords. They can be cracked easily

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