Activities for 2024

A very happy new year to everyone. As members of the Meghalaya Dev Community we are delighted to inform you that we have several things planned for this year, and what’s more?

We are also looking forward to your input on what activity we will have this year. 

Here’s a list of things we plan to host this year: 

  1. Flutter Hackathon
  2. Awareness Programme in Schools/Colleges on Introduction to IT/Internet Safety/Programming. 
  3. Meghalaya Designers Community & UI/UX Design Course
  4. Community Member’s Choice Event

    1. Flutter Hackathon

    The number of Flutter developers is increasing yearly, and Flutter Meghalaya members would like to organize the community’s first hackathon.

    It will be a month-long event and members can participate in this hackathon by building an App of their choice: be it Mobile, Web or Desktop.

    The following criteria will be used to judge entries:  Usability, User-Friendliness, User Experience, and Logical implementation of your code.

    How do you participate in the Hackathon?
    – We will put up a Registration link for you to register and more information will be shared later

    What can you build and submit for the Hackathon?
    – It could be any app of your choice

    When will the Hackathon happen?
    – We have set the date to Summer of 2024.
    – More information will be shared on our website and also the Flutter Meghalaya WhatsApp Group.

    What will you get?
    – Prize and Certificate for the winners
  •  Each Participant will be assigned a Guide, who will help you along the way

So stay tuned and get yourself ready to win exciting prizes.

2. Awareness Programme in School/College on Introduction to IT/Internet Safety/Programming.

Schools and colleges are introducing new technology and implementing several new modifications in the current educational system. There are also many new changes that we see in the education system. Furthermore, pupils are now more exposed to technology at home than ever before. However most of them are not aware about how the internet works, how apps are created and what it means to stay safe online.

Our community is concerned about the well being of our young generation and we would love to have several awareness programmes in a few schools/college in Meghalaya, to give students an introduction to how things work and how to write programs and the students need not be from Computer Science Stream or who
have chosen to take computer as a subject in School.

3. Meghalaya Designers Community & UI/UX Design Course

Originally, the Community was mostly for Developers, but as time goes on, we also want to include more Designers in the Community. This year is a good year for us to create a new Sub-Community inside the Main Community that is only for Designers. Thus we will be including the Meghalaya Designers Community WhatsApp Group as part of the Meghalaya Developers and Graphics Designers Community.

  1. The aim of the Sub Community are:
    – To Connect Designers
    – To share resources, knowledge, and insights on the latest trends and best practices in UI/UX and graphic design.
    – To spark interest for people to get into the Design field and Design Thinking
    – To exchange design problems and solutions, and get feedback and advice from other designers and experts.
    – To learn new skills and tools, and improve their design portfolio and career.
    – To create and showcase original and innovative design work, and inspire and be inspired by other designers.

So if you are interested in design, you’d like to share your designs, look for design inspirations, connect with other Designers, then this sub-community is for you.

Additionally, we have chosen to provide a 6-month UI/UX Design Course this year to anyone interested in design in order to introduce UI/UX Design in Meghalaya.

The Course will offer both Theory and Practical Hands-on sessions, they will be taught by Mr. Embhahlang Pakyntien, UI/UX Associate Consultant and a few of our Designer friends.

Anyone who has completed Class XII from any stream will be eligible to apply, classes will be online and they will be having 2-4 hours classes per week on Saturdays/Sundays.

More information will be shared in the next month.

4. Community Member’s Choice Event

Finally, as a community, we would love to know what the members want, and if it’s something we can handle, we will do all in our power to make it happen.

Since there are many topics that can be covered in the broad field of computer science and information technology, one of the things we would like to do this year is conduct a survey to find out which technologies our members would prefer to use firsthand or if it is purely theoretical also we will have webinar sessions. 

We will share the survey findings with the community and inquire about the activity that members would like us to host this year. We will then plan and organize the activity appropriately.

So what are you waiting for????
Go ahead and let us know what you want by taking the survey!
The survey is divided into the Following Sections:
1. Personal Section:

2. Professional Section:
– Where you will be submitting your field of work, your specialization, your technology of interest and more.

3. Activity Section:
– Where you will submit a poll and let us know which Technology or Topic would you like to have this year.






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